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Yoruichi is officially Professor Byakuya's eldest daughter. Because it's lolarious.
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OMG OMG you guys.

So the way I'm thinking it is that Yoruichi is a seventh year Gryffindor, and she's like. Awesome popular queen. She's on the quidditch team, she rocks out Transfiguration and DADA (but mostly transfig), she flirts with ALL THE BOYS and she throws the MOST AWESOME PARTIES.

She needs a posse, guys. Who wants to be in her posse.
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[This is a Yoruichi wandering around Urahara Shoten, yelling at the top of her lungs.]


((OOC: BTW has no bearing in-game. I JUST NEED TO PLAY THIS OUT, 'KAY?))
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It was a beautiful day in Soul Society, and as Yoruichi looked around, she almost missed it.


But she had no time for regrets, not that she had any anyway. well maybe a couple but she'll never admit that She was here on a mission.


Adeptly, she sneaked her way into the Kuchiki mansion unseen, and found her way to the room where Byakuya had sequestered himself. He was sound asleep on his bed, and Yoruichi stood there a moment, debating her options. 1) Wake him up loudly and annoyingly, 2) draw on his face and take embarrassing pictures, or 3) use the pretty pretty ribbons she had brought with her to braid his hair while he was asleep.

She chose the third option.

Settling herself down next to the sleeping man, she grinned as she pulled out the ribbons and began to braid them into his long black hair.

((OOC: Done with Setine's permission, btw))
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Wrote a drabble inspired by this. It's not great, since I wrote it at 1:30 in the morning. May or may not be part one in a series, we'll see. :3

Field Trip! )
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Here iz de earth...


I mean, plans.

Yoruichi is pretty busy, doing the family virus with Byabo, Rukia, and Chibiusa, as well as hopping in on the Fairy Tale virus with Aizen and Byabo.

Buuuut I currently don't have any plans for Sebastian, and since he hasn't done much recently, I'd like to put him out there.

So if anyone wants to snatch him for something, feel free to mention that here.

But first dibs goes to Brandie, since she's the one behind the shota!master.

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Byakuya I need to talk to you.

In person would probably be best, but if that doesn't work out it'll be okay.
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So I won the bet, yeah?

I'm transferring you over to Byakuya for the twenty-four hours. He's got a list. You do everything he tells you or I make it so that you won't stop hurting for a year. At least.
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[Immediately after this occurs, we have an accidental video of Yoruichi, slumped on the floor. It takes a moment to realize, but she's crying, very very quietly, almost silently.

Then, something pings her, and she looks up with a tear-stained face to see the computer recording. She lunges toward it at a surprising speed, and with a strangled, sobbing scream, hurls the computer at the wall, and the last image that records is the wall it's hurtling towards before it shatters into hundreds of pieces.]

((OOC: There won't be any responses to this. And if asked, Yoruichi will probably deny it ever happened. Or ignore the question. Or something similar.))
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[There's a black cat wandering around the Kuchiki estate, looking around for a couple of people in particular. But to the unfamiliar eye, it's just a normal cat, wandering around, doing what cats do. Which is whatever they want.]

((OOC: Okay, so this is Yoruichi at the Kuchiki estate with the intention of starting Kamina's shunpo training, but she figured she'd do some snooping around beforehand. Anybody who might be wandering around the estate is welcome to respond. :3 ))
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You're coming with me to the Halloween party, no questions asked.

And if you don't pick a good costume, I'm picking one for you. And you're not going to like it.


Oct. 18th, 2009 12:49 am
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[This first part is an accidental video. Yoruichi is sitting at a table staring at a cup in her hands, probably filled with sake. She just stares at it, clearly deep in thought. Frustrating thoughts. She rubs her forehead and says softly,]


[She drinks the sake down in one fluid gulp.]

[And now it's time for an actual intentional video post.]

Hey. I'm bored. Anyone got any ideas for something to do?

((OOC: Ref. Yoruichi's pissed, and needs distraction. For extra reference, here's the drabble I wrote of the headcanon Setine and I are adopting for Yoruichi and Byakuya.))
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Well this was going to be fun. Yoruichi wasn't necessarily a big fan of mindless destruction, but when it came to Aizen, she was a fan of anything that would ruin his plans.

So. Welcome to Hueco Mundo, friends. After going through Urahara Kisuke's gate to the world of the hollows, they're there! Look, isn't it all pretty and white?

Well, it is if you like white deserts.

Anyway, they're not here to admire the view, they're here to DESTROY STUFF.

"Okay kids, let's do this."

((OOC: OKAY So this is for destroying stuff! We've got Yoruichi, Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji doing the destroying, and anyone who happens to be hanging around Hueco Mundo can jump in and and CHALLENGE or whatever. 8D yay

OH YEAH AND SHOULD WE HAVE A POSTING ORDER FOR THE GENERAL DESTRUCTION? Probably would be best, but whatever happens, just let it happen, I guess. Whatever.))
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Okay here's the deal.

Ichigo and I are going to go to Hueco Mundo and destroy stuff.

You guys in?
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